Gluten-free, Organic, NO GMOs,
No added starches,
No emulsifiers
only gluten-free grains

Packaging Formats Ingredients

Organic Brown Rice Pasta

  • 100% Brown rice flour
  • Highly digestible
  • Rich in fibres
  • High concentration of vitamin B
100% Brown rice flour.

Organic Buckwheat Pasta

  • 100% Buckwheat flour
  • Energy source
  • It contains Magnesium and Manganese
  • Rich in vitamins B, E, iron and minerals
100% Buckwheat Flour.

Organic Multi-grain Pasta

  • Quinoa gives this pasta antioxidant properties
  • Highly digestible
  • High concentration of vitamins A, B, Magnesium and minerals


Corn, Rice, Buckwheat Quinoa.

Our factory is exclusively dedicated to the production of Gluten Free products

No allergens are used in our factory

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