Welcome to Andriani SpA
Colour, taste, genuineness

Andriani SpA is a company with decades of experience in the agro-food industry focused on the innovation in the production of high quality gluten-free pasta using excellent raw materials.

Our products are specifically designed for those who take care of their own nutrition, to those who prefer a healthy and balanced diet or those who are celiac-affected or sensitive to gluten.


A wide range of grains,
unique taste


The Organic universe

The organic grains used by Andriani S.p.A. for its products are particularly rich in starch and have a high digestibility.

Organic well-being

The organic grains are grown without using pesticides and GMOs. Ideal for those who love eating healthy and protecting the environment.

Quality & Controls

Every day the Quality Department Team performs strict controls on both the incoming raw materials and on the finished product.


We guarantee levels of gluten <= 10ppm, well below the 20ppm required by law; we also use dedicated tanks in order to avoid cross-contamination risks.

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